Small Living Sheds

As an architecture student and an environmentalist, I find small homes a sight of relief. I understand some people prefer homes that are over 1000 square feet, especially people with children and need room to grow.


But for those of us who are living by ourselves or a significant other, a large home doesn’t make a lot of sense. The larger the house, the more you would spend on decorating and utilities. Not to mention most small houses cost very little to own, heck you can even build one yourself!

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Small, sometimes portable homes are what most of us crave. Especially for those of us who don’t like to be grounded to one area for too long. You can either buy or rent a plot of land and set your home there.

There’s also a number of college students who now have one of these in the parent’s backyard, it’s a great way to have a place of your own with privacy without having to pay rent (unless mom or dad make you pay up) or a mortgage.

The number of senior citizen parking a small home outside their adult children backyard have been increasing as well. This provide a some privacy as well as safety for them.

If you’re interested in building a shed, click the images below to learn how as well as getting access to 12,000 detailed plans and drawings.


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