Print Photo Instantly From Your iPhone or Galaxy S5

Are you heading out somewhere, such as a graduation, child’s birthday, or just out with friends where you know you’re going to take endless photos on your phone? Only to have those photos just sit inside your phone or online and never get printed. Don’t you wish you can just print those photos and share them with the person at that exact moment? With this small portable printer by Prynt, you can do just that! Simply plug your phone into this printer and download their app (Prynt) on your phone and watch the photo develops from your phone!

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There are so many times I wanted to print the photo from my phone without having to run to the store to do it. I’ve dreamt of the days where I can just print photos instantly from my phone. And my wishes were answered! I found Prynt when they did a campaign on Kickstarter, and I put in my order, at the time, I had to wait about a year for it to develop but it was worth it! It’s like having a polaroid camera all over again! Except I can pick the photo I want to print! Good news is you don’t have to wait as long as I did.


I can also grab old photos I have on facebook and instagram and print them.

Prynt is a mobile phone photo printer. At the moment, it can be connected to iphone 6, 5, and 6s, 6 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy S5. The printer prints out 2×3 inches photo, makes for perfect wallet photo! The best part of all this? You don’t have to buy ink! An inkless printer! Oh my!



This printer uses Zink photo paper, which are ink free photo paper, so there’s no ink cartridges to waste making it earth-friendly. The paper are also smudge proof, and tear resistance. They are long lasting, and fade resistance; even with exposure to light, humidity, and heat. And my favorite part, they’re also stickers! So just peel those photo and stick them into your scrapbook, locker, or anywhere else!

If you’re wondering about the color and quality of the prints, I can honestly tell you it’s wonderful! The resolutions of the print is fantastic! Trust me, I’ve printed quite a few and I’ve been happy with every prints! They’re like miniature professional prints!

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This small portable printer can easily fit in your purse or pocket (large pockets anyway…).

This would make a great gift for anyone. Gift it to your recent grad, gift it to mom or dad, grandparent, or keep it to yourself.

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I forgot to mention that you can record a short video on the photo and when you open up their app, you can watch that video when you have your phone over it? It’s a great way to send secret messages to that special someone.

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