Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Ever wanted to listen to music while you’re in the shower without having to drag your phone in there with you? The quality of sound from your phone isn’t all that great when you have the shower running. There’s also a chance you can cause damage to your phone because it isn’t waterproof.

I have a small speaker that I used to take to the bathroom with me to listen to music, but it isn’t waterproof and I have to plug my phone in it. So every time I wanted to skip a song, I would have to dry my hand before I could change the song.

That’s a lot of work! I spend a lot more time in the shower doing that.

AquaAudio Bluetooth!


But fortunately for me (and you!) that brilliant minds have came up with a waterproof bluetooth speaker that’s wireless for us to use in the shower! Instead of having to get out of the shower to change the song, I can change the music directly from within. Best of all, it comes in many color (white, green, blue, and pink!).

Can I only use it in the shower? No, I can take the speaker with me anywhere, including; the pool, car rides, camping trips, outdoor activities, and the beach. I just don’t recommend submerging it in water completely. I can put it anywhere there’s a flat surface (vertically, horizontally, or on top of a ceiling) with its suction cup.

When I want to turn it off, I can click and hold the power button till a power off sound is made. To change the volume, I simply have to hold the back or forward button.

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You’re probably wondering, “What device can I use this with?” You can use this speaker with any bluetooth built-in, such as your iphone, galaxy, smartphone, laptop, etc.

So where can I get my own waterproof wireless bluetooth shower speaker? Click on the links below!

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