Precise Digital Measuring Cup Scale

Currently I’m learning how to cook, I usually look up ingredients and instruction online. I try to follow them exactly, but often time I would mess up. My mistake usually end up with adding way too much or way too little of an ingredient. A precise digital measuring cup scale definitely helped me out with that problem.

Taylor Precision Products Digital Measuring Cup and Scale

taylormeasuring-scale2The Taylor Precision Products Digital Measuring Cup and Scale would be my favorite. It has an LCD screen built in to the handle tells me the precise measurement.

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It runs on one lithium battery, which gives it a long life span. When the battery is low, it will give you a warning. My favorite part, it shuts itself off when not in use.

This will automatically converts 5 preset ingredients (flour, sugar, milk, water and oil) from ounces (weight) to cups (volume). It can measure as much as 4 cups of fluids, 32 oz, and 1000 ml worth.

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The only downside of the is it’s hand-wash only. Try not to submerge the handle in water as that can damage the LCD screen. So it’s best to clean the hand with a cloth.

I would also recommend getting a digital measuring spoon and a kitchen food scale! 

Thanks for reading and comment below if you have any questions or concerns! Check out the main page for other great finds for living smarter! Feel free to share this post!

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