My Favorite Video Streaming Device for Netflix

There’s four way we can watch videos online. 1) On our phone/tablet, 2) on the computer, 3) a SmartTV, or 4) a streaming device. On a phone and tablet I’m limited to a small screen. The computer, you can upgrade to buy a large screen… but that’ll cost you. Well we all know how expensive a smartTV is… Maybe down the road it’ll be cheaper. The fourth is my favorite option and I would say my favorite video streaming device for Netflix and other channels is the Roku 3 Media Player.

My Roku Streaming Review

roku3HD02When I got my first Roku device, it was fairly new and didn’t have YouTube (sad face!), however, they’ve added that channel to their selection since then! The Roku is on their 4th generation, they all serve the same purposes, but by far my favorite is the 3rd generation.

You’re probably asking why I prefer the 3rd generation rather than the newest. Instead of typing up a search, which I say is a tedious, I can do a voice search! Now you’re probably wondering why is the search so tedious? The remote control have very limited option. No letters or numbers on it so I have to use back and forth on the remote until I get the letter I want. So voice search is awesome!

Another way to do a quicker search is to download their remote app on your phone. I would like to add that you can plug your headphone into the Roku remote control if you prefer to to listen in private. That’ll give you the chance to move about as well instead of having to stay glued to the TV.

There are over 3000 channels for me to choose from, but I have yet to explore them all. A lot of free channels (youtube, pbs, etc) as well as paid channels (netflix, hulu, etc). These paid channels are mostly monthly subscription. Not only can you just watch movies and shows, there are channels/stations for music (pandora), gaming (I haven’t used this feature so I can’t say), and browse social media like facebook. There’s also a channel to leave on for your cats or dogs while you’re away, help those with anxiety separation issues.

You can connect your Roku to virtually any TV with an HDMI connection, unfortunately the HDMI cable is sold separately. You would also need access to the internet in order to connect to Roku. The higher the internet speed, the better! Forewarning, streaming videos takes up a lot of data. If you live in the rural area with limited data plan like I do, I don’t recommend this as it will eat up your data very quickly.

stickIf you don’t have space to put the Roku box on, they have a streaming stick that you can just plug into your TV or computer. It’s a great space saver! Just make sure your TV have a HDMI output.


You can check out the products mentioned here below! Thanks for reading and comment below if you have any questions or concerns! Check out the main page for other great finds for living smarter! Feel free to share this post!

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